Energy Trading

Getting Started

Energy Trading Explained

What do you gain as a prosumer?

Everyone and anyone can be a prosumer if you can potentially generate energy in excess of what you use in your household. Enabling you to buy and sell electricity in real time, Discover Energy allows you to discharge your stored battery energy at times of peak demand to maximize the returns from the solar power you generate.

As a prosumer, you now have full control of your solar and battery resources to trade anytime when you have spare capacities and when the spot prices are trading high.

Our Purpose and Goal

Our aim is to accelerate the roll out of battery systems with the introduction of energy trading and 30-cents feed-in tariffs. For the homeowner, the return on investment (ROI) for a solar and battery system will be significantly reduced making the investment in home batteries more appealing.

A feed-in tariff is the amount of money earned from energy exported back into the grid from a rooftop solar system, which is credited onto the customer’s power bill.

Why Trade with Discover Energy?

Highest feed-in tariffs in the market at 30-cents
50% profit-sharing with our customers
Up-to-date price movement charts, transparent and simple trading process